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New Partnership Gives Home Sellers & Buyers Huge Advantage

Renovation Sells + The Mortgage Architects

+ Challenge for Sellers

Modern home buyers want move-in-ready homes, which makes it challenging for sellers to get the most value out of their homes without breaking the bank.

+ Challenge for Buyers

The limited inventory in the real estate market creates issues for home buyers. As a result, they face competition with other buyers, struggle to find homes with desired features, or end up paying more than initially planned.

Renovation Sells: Making Homes Ready for the Market

Renovation Sells is a company that offers affordable and timely renovations for people selling their homes. They specialize in designing and constructing affordable cosmetic renovations specifically tailored to the wants and needs of future buyers. Their services result in faster sales at higher prices, making homes ready for the market.

Renovation Sells works with experts to determine what home updates are needed based on the return on investment. They handle the design and renovation work, and help sellers get the most value out of their homes. Renovation Sells focuses on designing affordable cosmetic renovations that are specifically tailored to the wants of the future buyer.

Partnering with The Mortgage Architects: Renovation Loans for the Buy Side

Partnering with The Mortgage Architects, Renovation Sells helps on the buying side for home buyers experiencing high competition from other buyers resulting in bidding wars or getting priced out of the market. With a renovation loan from The Mortgage Architects, the home buyer can look at homes with less competition, complete the renovation before move-in, all with costs covered by the renovation loan mortgage, and the timely work completed by Renovation Sells.

Case Studies: How Renovation Sells Adds Value to Properties

Renovation Sells has helped many homeowners and realtors increase the value of their properties while keeping costs low. View case studies on their website here.

The Demand for Move-In-Ready Homes

Data and research indicate that millennials and modern home buyers want move-in-ready homes. According to a survey from Bank of America, 67% of millennials are “likely” to buy a house in the next two years. As more and more millennials become homebuyers, they seek out homes that are move-in ready. Move-in ready homes sell faster, helping real estate agents sell more homes and helping homeowners sell at higher prices.

Make Your Home Instagram Ready 📸

If you’re a home seller or buyer looking to get the most value out of your property or find a move-in-ready home, connect with experts at Renovation Sells and The Mortgage Architects. Renovation Sells provides affordable and tailored renovations to make homes ready for the market, while The Mortgage Architects offers renovation loans to help buyers complete timely renovations before move-in. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your home’s value or get your dream home – contact Renovation Sells and The Mortgage Architects today.

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