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Mortgage Broker Denver

Denver’s Trusted Local Mortgage Lender

Owning a home = investment property = building equity = growing wealth.

Climb the property ladder with amazing deals from the best mortgage company in Denver with wholesale pricing mortgage rates and loan officers who go above and beyond.

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  • Wholesale Lender Pricing

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New Home Buyer Checklist:
Find the Perfect Home
The essential steps for a smooth and successful home buying experience.

Our checklist covers everything from discussing expectations with your co-signer to finding a lender.

  • Reviewing your credit score.
  • Learning the lending lingo!
  • House hunting in your favorite zip code and closing time.
Buying Now vs. Waiting
Waiting for mortgage rates to drop?

Buying when there’s less competition = better bargains and negotiating power. Don’t just focus on lower interest rates (realtors are landing $11,000-$15,000 seller concessions on multiple deals💸). Refinancing your mortgage later will reduce your costs. Buy a home in your ideal zip code now instead of waiting for lower mortgage rates. 


Finding a Denver Mortgage Lender

Where to go for financing solutions for home purchase.

How to Select a Denver, CO Mortgage Lender

When selecting a Colorado mortgage company or mortgage broker, look for an equal housing lender with:

  • 5-star reviews
  • Financing options and loan products
  • Application process
  • Local
  • Closing speed

Choose a mortgage company that you feel offers the best service and you are comfortable working with that will guide you through the mortgage process. There is a lot of new information to take in, so choose a lender who demonstrates care and consultation skills.

Best Colorado Mortgage Lenders of 2023

Colorado borrowers have many financing options, from big retail banks to independent mortgage brokers here. The best lender in Colorado depends on your needs and what is most beneficial for you.

The Mortgage Architects, an equal housing lender, is a local Denver mortgage company with access to wholesale pricing (lower lender fees), more loan products, and mortgage consultants with a focus on helping you build generational wealth through homeownership. Banks and the mortgage industry are focused on selling home mortgage products; we care about you are here to help you build generational wealth.

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Loan Types

Looking for a new home or considering mortgage refinancing your current mortgage or renovation?

We offer a range of home mortgage programs and financing options to ensure you achieve your dreams. An experienced loan officer will guide you through the whole mortgage process together, finding the perfect home loan amount to fit your current financial situation while building wealth for the future. We offer fixed rate mortgages and adjustable-rate mortgages, and we’ll assist you to find the perfect balance of installments and rates. 🙌🏼

Conventional Loans: A Great Option!

Consider a Conventional loan for financing your dream home! With competitive terms and versatility to purchase various properties, they are a great option. They have lower costs compared to most in the market, thanks to our wholesale prices and reduced overhead.

Jumbo Loans

Looking to buy a home in Denver above the $726,200 conforming loans limit? A jumbo loan might be the perfect solution. Although they require a higher amount down and often have higher interest rates, they offer more options for the type of property you can purchase and how much you can borrow. Contact The Mortgage Architects, an equal housing lender in Denver, for jumbo loan options that work for you.

VA Loans
For Active Duty Military Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses

For Active Duty Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses

A VA loan offers no upfront cost requirements (you can roll the VA funding fee into the loan), lower interest than most conventional loans, no private mortgage insurance, and lenient financial requirements.

We work with many top-notch realtors in the Colorado Springs area. Colorado Springs is home to a number of military bases, so we have a lot of customers and realtors in Colorado Springs and greater Denver.

FHA Loans

If you’re getting your first mortgage or have a less-than-perfect financial history, an FHA loan may be the perfect option with more flexible guidelines— as low as a 3.5% down and a minimum 560 credit score. If you have a good credit score, you can access better interest rates. The Mortgage Architects, an equal housing lender in Denver, CO, will guide you through the FHA loan process and find the ideal loan for you.

Tip: Can be paired with assistance programs in Colorado.

USDA Loans

Borrowers looking to buy property in a rural zip code near Denver may be able to qualify for a USDA home loan. To see if a specific property is located in an eligible area, check out a USDA zone map (which covers all of the United States) or just call or email us and we can give you a hand.

Renovation Loans

Buy a fixer-upper property in Denver, CO and finance the cost of repairs or renovations into the loan. This can be helpful in a rising price market where it’s hard to find an affordable home with desired features. The loan amount is based on the post-renovation estimated value of the property, making financing easier.

Reverse Mortgage

With rising real estate values and improved reverse mortgage loans on the market, reverse mortgages are making a comeback. Reverse mortgages allow homeowners who are 62 or older to tap into the equity they’ve built without having to sell it or make monthly mortgage payments. Instead, the loan is paid back when you sell the house, move out permanently, or pass away. So, you can use the money for whatever you want – paying off debt, covering healthcare expenses, or making some renovations.

Mortgage Refinancing

With rising real estate values and improved reverse mortgage loans on the market, reverse mortgages are making a comeback. Homeowners 62 or older can tap into the equity they’ve built without having to sell or make monthly payments. The loan is paid back when you sell the house, move out permanently, or pass away. Use the money for whatever you want – paying off debt, covering healthcare expenses, or making renovations.

    Colorado Homebuyer Programs

    The Mortgage Architects, an equal housing lender, offer home loans, loan products, and programs that work with homebuyer assistance programs in Colorado.

    CHFA (Colorado Housing and Finance Authority)

    Offers down payment assistance, low-interest rate mortgages, and borrower education classes to learn about the mortgage process for a colorado mortgage.


    Provides grants and low-interest loans to cover a portion of the deposit and closing fees for eligible borrowers for a Colorado mortgage.

    The CHENOA Fund operates in conjunction with FHA, VA, and USDA loan programs.

    Good Neighbor Next Door

    For teachers, law enforcement officers, fire fighters and emergency medical technicians, and offers a 50% discount on the purchase of a home— more info.

    Denver’s Home Ownership Opportunity Program

    Provides down payment assistance to low- and moderate-income clients purchasing a home within Denver’s city limits for a Colorado mortgage.


    For specific zip codes for a Colorado mortgage, eligible recipients had to have lived in or had an ancestor who did live within specific areas that were redlined between 1934 and 2000 (high income limits and offers as much as $25,000 if eligible).

    Mortgage Broker – Denver


    Is it cheaper to use a mortgage broker?

    Mortgage brokers act as your personal assistant in finding the best home mortgage for you. With access to more mortgage lenders, they can compare mortgage rates and terms to find the lowest cost option. They do the heavy lifting of shopping around and presenting you with home loan options from many other lenders and their details.

    Is it better to go through a mortgage broker or direct to a bank?

    Banks have limited loan options and most lenders only offer their own branded programs residential home loans, while brokers can access a wide range of lenders and loan products. The Mortgage Architects, a mortgage company, can shop over 20 end investors to find the best deal for you. Learn more about this topic in our Knowledge Kiosk: Should I Use a Mortgage Broker: Pros and Cons in 2023

    Is it better to go through a mortgage broker?

    A mortgage broker is a type of mortgage company that saves you time and effort by finding the best rates 🕵️‍♂️, and making lenders compete for your business, resulting in lower rates and more favorable terms. 🔥 They have access to a wider range of loan programs, which is beneficial for first-time home buyers with unique financial circumstances. Banks may not be as accommodating.

    Should I buy down my interest rate with points?

    Whether or not you should buy down your interest rate with points depends on your individual circumstances. If you use an independent mortgage broker, your loan officer will review your financial picture and provide recommendations. Learn more about this topic in our Knowledge Kiosk: What Is a Mortgage Discount Point? Exploring the Basics and Benefits

    Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

    A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) allows a homeowner to borrow against the equity in their home. 

    In Denver, a home buyer can use a HELOC obtained from a mortgage company in a few different ways:

    • Down Payments

      Use a HELOC to provide money down on a new home purchase. Especially useful for owners who have a lot of equity in their home but lack the cash on hand.

    • Closing Costs

      Use a HELOC to cover closing costs. This can reduce the amount of cash a buyer needs to have on hand at closing.

    • Home Renovation

      Use a HELOC to finance a home renovation. Especially useful for buyers who purchase a fixer-upper and need to make repairs or renovations before moving in.

    • Consolidation

      Use a HELOC to consolidate high-interest debt, car loans or other debt.

    Specialty Loans

    The Mortgage Architects, an equal housing lender mortgage company in Colorado, provide various mortgage term specialty loan programs to help more people achieve homeownership.

    Alternative Credit
    Alternative Income
    Bridge Loans
    Bank Statement Loans
    Non-Warrantable Condos
    Unique Property Types
    Loans in an LLC or Trust
    Asset Depletion
    No Credit
    Marijuana Industry Borrowers
    Land Loans
    Fix & Flip
    Foreign National
    Cash Purchase
    Rate Buydowns
    Lock & Shop

    Colorado Home Purchase

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    The Mortgage Architects provide home loans and mortgage refinance throughout the United States in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming. Coming soon to California.

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