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Founder & Managing Broker
Denver, CO | Chicago, IL

Nathan is the managing broker and founder of The Mortgage Architects, as well as a partner at Independent Mortgage Brokers (IMB™) . 

  • Licensure:

    Mortgage Loan Originator License NMLS 2122717 |  AZ 1045363, CO 100523448, FL LO114414, IL 031.0074372, IN 031.0074372, KS LO.0051241, MO 2122717, OH MLO-OH.2122717, TN 2122717, TX 2122717, WY 2122717

  • Recognition:

    Mortgage Broker of the Year NAMB (National Association of Mortgage Brokers)

  • Designation:

    Certified Veterans Lending Specialist

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Meet Nathan: Championing Homeownership in Chicago and Denver with Proven Expertise.

Nathan is the managing broker and founder of The Mortgage Architects, as well as a partner at Independent Mortgage Brokers. He is passionate about helping people get on the property ladder because of the difference it makes in families, communities and generations. Nathan is known for closing when other lenders cannot and at record speed. He loves to answer questions and to educate people on the process and options. He has offices in both Chicago and Denver and enjoys time in both places along with his amazing wife and children.

The banking industry can be intimidating. Many people don’t feel “ready” or undervalue their financial position and lose out on wealth-building home appreciation.

I founded The Mortgage Architects to help more people get on the property ladder and build generational wealth. 

Nathan Jennison
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